Youth Services Citizens Board


Advises City Council in all youth delinquency prevention and treatment matters; furnishes policy guidance and operates Lynchburg Youth Services; advises City Administration in the operation of several youth treatment facilities.


Board meets monthly on the 4th Wednesday

5:30 PM

College Hill Neighborhood Center

811 Jackson Street

Lynchburg, VA 24504


Farid Jalil
Ward 3
MaryJane Dolan
Council Representative, Ward 1
Jevon Scott
Ward 4
Caroline Wilson
Ward 4
Dorothy Holmes
Ward 2
Krystal Grant
Ward 4
Cynthia Deutsch
Ward 1
Vivian Miller
Ward 3
As of 04/2022

Membership: Ten (10) members - one (1) Councilmember; two (2) Youth; multiple members to be from public agencies serving youths; and multiple members to be persons not employed by government or service agencies but who have a strong interest and commitment to service of youth). Applicants are subject to criminal background checks.

Reference: Resolution #R-80-162 adopted 6-10-80; Resolution #R-88-016 adopted 1-26-88; State regulations; By-laws

June appointment
June appointment