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    Your Lynchburg Story

    What's Your Lynchburg Story?

    The City of Lynchburg is looking for citizens who are interested in sharing their notable stories and memories on camera. The stories will be shared on the City's website, social media and LTV Comcast Channel 15.
    Your Lynchburg Story is a special program designed to promote, preserve and share a collection of Lynchburg history with recorded testimonies of memories from the members of our community.
    These days, written letters and diaries have become practically obsolete, so recording stories is a way to make sure local history is not lost. These memories of the human experience can be captured as a form of storytelling—using the power of the spoken word to reveal personal experiences, insights and perspectives, family history and traditions, favorite childhood memories, food, music, and much more.

    If you would like to share your Lynchburg story, just fill out this online form and we'll be in touch!

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    Memory 3 - The Virginian Hotel and Bullet Bill Dudley
    Memory 2 - My Grandfather and Senator Carter Glass
    Memory 1 - First Day of Practice

    Ronald DeJarnette

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    Memory 1 - First Days as a Police Officer

    Doris "Dee" Waller

    Memory - Yoder School

    Sally Schneider

    Memory - Moving to Lynchburg

    Jeff Schneider

    Memory - The Kindness of New Friends