Wildland Team

In July 2015, the Lynchburg Fire Department (LFD) established a Wildland Team. The primary mission of the Lynchburg Fire Department Wildland Team is to utilize wildland firefighting techniques and tactics to control and/or extinguish large brush fires and urban interface. 

The Lynchburg Fire Department Wildland Firefighting Team consists of 25 LFD firefighters who are specially trained in Wildland Fire Fighting and Urban Interface. This team will respond to Wildland fires in our city and provide pertinent information to department members regarding how to best assist and utilitze the team. In addition, the team will also provide public education on Urban Interface to citizens of Lynchburg. 
Utilizing funds from the Virginia Fire Programs Fund (VFPF) - Aid to Localities (ATL), the department acquired the necessary tools, gear and equipment to respond in these remote areas when needed.