What is Not a Violation?

Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible while using your tax dollars wisely, appropriately and efficiently. There are some neighborhood issues that do not fall under our jurisdiction.  While we can act on behalf of the public at large, we cannot take action on behalf of one citizen against another.

Neighborhood Disputes and Aesthetics

We cannot handle neighborhood disputes or civil problems that do not violate public law.  We cannot handle complaints about a condition that is simply ugly or unattractive.  Examples:

  • Old cars and boats do not constitute a code violation unless they are inoperable and do not display valid state tags and state inspection.
  • A neighbor's tree or other plantings may drop leaves or debris in your yard and may cause damage to a fence or other structure, or
  • A neighbor may have children's toys, old lawn mowers or other personal items around his or her property that you consider unsightly.

In general, such conditions are considered private matters and the City has no jurisdiction.

Homeowners' Association Covenants

In addition to City Code requirements, many subdivisions are further regulated by homeowners' associations that impose covenants not monitored or enforced by the City.  The City does not deal with violations that are also not regulations of the City Code.  For information on what covenants may apply to your residence or to report a covenant violation, contact your homeowners' association directly.