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    Wards Road Area Pedestrian and Bicycle Concept Plan

    Wards Road Area Pedestrian and Bicycle Concept Plan

    The Wards Road Area Pedestrian and Bicycle Concept Plan was prepared by the City of Lynchburg and the planning consultant firm, Sympoetica. It was adopted by City Council on September 8, 2009.

    The City initiated this planning study to discover how best to extend pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure from the new Liberty University pedestrian tunnel under the railroad and to connect a variety of important area destinations with safe facilities for walking and biking.  The Wards Road area is largely dominated by the automobile, yet contains significant and growing populations of students who either do not own cars or choose not to drive, yet they work and shop in area restaurants and stores.  This plan is the first step in a long process of transforming Wards Road into a "Complete Street," where destinations are reachable by all travel modes and abilities.

    Key plan features include:

    • at-grade, signalized pedestrian and bicycle crossings of Wards Road;
    • a trail along Rock Castle Creek (per Region 2000 Greenways and Bikeways Plan);
    • pedestrian barriers along Wards Road to direct pedestrians to new crossing locations;
    • sidewalks connecting to Wards Road businesses (between Atlanta Avenue and Wards Ferry Road) and to neighborhoods to the northwest;
    • enhanced pedestrian crosswalks, "wayfinder links," across travel lanes within private business parking lots;
    • enhanced transit service with a new circulator bus route, serving Liberty University, CVCC and retail establishments in the study area.

    Plan Implementation

    • Phase I:  Pedestrian bridge (completed November 2011);
    • Phase II:  Approximately a half mile of trail extending from the pedestrian bridge (completed October 2012);
    • Phase IIb:  Approximately 1,600 feet of trail connecting to CVCC's campus (completed May 2015);
    • Phase III:  Connections to Wards Ferry Road and to Wards Road (to be announced).