Tyreeanna & Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Plan

The Tyreeanna / Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Plan is a product of the input received from neighborhood residents, citizen members of the project’s Steering Committee, City of Lynchburg planning staff, and the consultant firm Hill Studio working together to envision opportunities for sustainable growth in the neighborhood. The plan has been developed under the direction established by the City’s Comprehensive Plan 2013 - 2030 to build strong neighborhoods; conserve the City’s unique places and resources; promote business vitality; enhance the attractiveness of gateways and travel corridors; and protect the natural environment while also promoting sensitive development and redevelopment.

To achieve this vision, the Tyreeanna / Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Plan is to be adopted as a supplement to the Comprehensive Plan 2013 - 2030; as such, it reinforces and extends its goals and policies.

Upcoming meetings:

  •  The Tyreeanna & Pleasant Valley neighborhood plan is scheduled for City Council on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 at 7:30 PM. While there will not be a public comment period for the item, the meeting is open to the public and you may attend if you wish.

Questions? Contact rachel.frischeisen@lynchburgva.gov or 434.455.3903