Trash Collection Guidelines

Landfill Operating Hours and Guidelines

Trash Collection Guidelines

Please note: you must use an approved City of Lynchburg trash cart. Click here to get one!

DO NOT overload the trash cart’s maximum capacity:

32-gallon cart…………100 lbs.
64-gallon cart…………200 lbs.
  • DO NOT place hot ashes, liquids, construction debris or rocks in the trash cart.
  • DO NOT place trash carts where access will be blocked by parked cars.
  • Keep at least three (3) feet between the trash cart and any brush/bulk items that have been set out for collection.
  • For collection, face the cart towards the street, pointing in the same direction as the embossed arrow on the top of the cart’s lid. Place the trash cart to the curb or edge of the roadway.
  • If you have more trash than your cart can contain with the lid closed, please use a prepaid blue bag for the excess trash. These bags can be purchased at most convenience and grocery stores. Or, recycle your newspaper, mixed paper, plastic containers and cans at one of the five City recycling centers.
  • If the trash cart is damaged, or you need to switch cart sizes, call the Citizens First Information Center at (434) 856-CITY (2489).




Overflow, and not in a prepaid blue bag. This set out would receive a violation notice.

  Damaged Lid

This is not a violation, however you can request a new lid (or cart if broken) from Public Works if your lid is broken. Fill out the online form or call (434) 856-2489.


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