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    Towing Advisory Board


    To advise the local governing body with regard to the appropriate terms of any future municipal towing contract for towing services and the provisions of the City Code with regard to towing in general.  The advisory board shall include representatives of local law-enforcement agencies, towing and recovery operators, and the general public.


    As needed


    Timothy Clements
    City of Lynchburg
    Police Department
    Chuck Cramer, Jr.
    City of Lynchburg
    Fleet Director
    Kendall Craft
    Ward 1
    Car Sales
    Warren McCormick
    Amherst County
    Melissa Foster
    Emergency Communications
    Jeff Nichols
    Collision Repair Owner
    James Hall
    City of Lynchburg
    Risk Manager
    As of 08/08/20

    Liaison:  James Hall  434-455-3813

    Membership: Nine (9) - one (1) - Police Department; one (1) - Fleet Services; one (1) - Emergency Communications; one (1) - Risk Manager; four (4) - towing and recovery operators; one (1) - citizen)

    December appointment