Short Term Rentals


  • The City will notify you when you’re required to register.
  • You will receive an introductory letter to the registration program in the Spring followed by a registration bill in June.
  • Multiple properties can be registered at one time. If the host starts to operate from new properties in a different calendar year, a separate registration will be required for those new properties being used for short term rental.
  • The registration fee is $150.
  • Failure to register can result in a civil penalty of $500.
  • A host can be exempt from registering if:
    • (a) they are licensed by the Real Estate Board or is represented by a real estate licensee or
    • (b) licensed or registered with the City, related to rental or management of real property, including licensed real estate professionals, hotels, motels, campgrounds, and bed and breakfast establishments.

Contact Kevin Henry, Zoning Administrator for any questions. 434-455-3915 or


  • Lodging Tax is to be remitted monthly.
  • Currently VRBO remits this tax to the City. AirBnB has indicated that it will start remitting the lodging tax in November 2022.
  • For all other vacationing platforms, the host is required to remit the lodging tax to the Commissioner of Revenue monthly. The lodging tax rate is 6.5% on the total amount paid for lodging (including service and cleaning fees) plus $1.00 per night.

Contact Erik Amy, Commissioner of Revenue’s Office 434-455-3877 or


  • City of Lynchburg Short Term Rental Ordinance
  • No more than 4 unrelated people are permitted in a short-term rental.
  • No off-street parking is required.
  • The space in which you are renting must be compliant with the Uniform Statewide Building Code.
  • The City does not conduct inspections unless a complaint is received.

For any questions or complaints contact Kevin Henry, Zoning Administrator at 434-455-3915 or