Sheriff's Office Duties

The Lynchburg Sheriff's Office is responsible for a wide range of criminal justice related activities including inmate transportation, court services and law enforcement. 

Primary Duties

  • Courtroom Security: The Sheriff’s Office shall ensure that the courthouses and courtrooms within his jurisdiction are secure from violence and disruption. All persons entering the courthouse are screened using stand up as well as hand held metal detector devices. Deputies are also assigned to each courtroom whenever court is in session.
  • Civil Process Service: The Sheriff’s Office serves all summons, subpoenas, and other documents issued by the courts within its jurisdiction.
  • Writs/Levies: The sheriff may execute an order or writ of possession for personal, real or mixed property, including an order or writ of possession arising out of an action in unlawful entry and detainer or ejectment.
  • Evictions:  Upon request of the landlord, sheriff's deputies will arrive at the property to be vacated on the date and at the time specified on the notice served the tenant.  The deputies are only there to keep the peace, not to move the tenant out. 
  • Transportation: The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the transportation of any defendant or witness, being held in a correctional facility outside of the Lynchburg City limits, summoned to court in our jurisdiction.
  • Juror Summons: The Sheriff’s Office issues summons for jurors to report to the Circuit Court based on a list provided by the Circuit Court Clerk. The sheriff shall notify the jurors on the list, or such number of them as the judge may direct to appear in court on such day as the court may direct. 

Other Duties

  • Temporary Detention Orders (TDO): When a TDO is issued by the magistrate it is often necessary for the individual served to be transported to a facility outside of the City of Lynchburg limits. While the Lynchburg Police Department retains the primary responsibility for TDOs, the Lynchburg Sheriff's Office has provided deputies on numerous occasions to transport these patients. This therefore allows Lynchburg Police Officers to remain on the streets to answer calls for service. This is just one more example of the Lynchburg Sheriff's Office going above and beyond its mandated duties.
  • Funeral Escorts: Upon request, the Lynchburg Sheriff’s Office may assist with funeral escorts. Please call Major Scott Gillispie at (434) 847-1301 for more information.
  • Law Enforcement: The Lynchburg Sheriff’s Office will assist LPD and other agencies when needed.