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    Selection Process

    • City of Lynchburg Application for Employment: On-line application must be completed and submitted to the City of Lynchburg Police Department

    • Personal History Questionnaire: The completed questionnaire must be submitted to the Lynchburg Police Department Personnel and Recruitment Unit.  This step includes an Electronic Background Investigation consisting of a DMV, credit and criminal history check.

    • Physical Agility Examination

    • Written Examination: The National Police Officer Selection Test by Standard & Associates Inc.

    • Oral Interview Board: Formal interview by a panel staffed by police officers and selected citizens.

    • Polygraph Examination: Administered by a Certified Polygraph Examiner.

    • Extensive Background Investigation: Conducted by a Certified Lynchburg Police Department Background Investigator.

    • Conditional Offer of Employment

    • Medical Evaluation

    • Psychological Evaluation

    • Application File Review by LPD Command Staff

    Upon successful completion of the above steps, applicants will follow this path as a Police Officer Recruit:

    • Police Officer candidates will attend the Central Virginia Criminal Justice Academy.

    • Serve a one-year probationary period that begins at the completion of their field training program.

    For more information, contact LPD Personnel and Recruitment

    (434) 455-6048