Scheduling Training Center Facilities

The Lynchburg Fire Department Training Division coordinates and schedules all facilities at the Training Center. To schedule, click here or call 434-455-6343.

Instructors scheduling use of the facility should be prepared to provide the following:
  • Name of Lead Instructor with contact information
  • VDFP, VAOEMS, VAVRS School number if training is sanctioned by agency
  • Course schedule
Instructors requiring use of the Burn Building should refer to the scheduling procedure outlined in the Burn Building Policy.
Lead Instructors may not change the scheduled date of their training exercises without prior approval of the Lynchburg Fire Department Training Division.
Individuals and organizations utilizing the Training Center are not permitted to enter the property utilized for Police training without permission from the Lynchburg Police Department.
Prior to the scheduled date of the training session the Lead Instructor will need to obtain the keys to the Training Center from the Lynchburg Fire Department Training Division. The Lead Instructor shall be responsible for ensuring that the keys are not lost, damaged or stolen while in their possession. Making copies of keys is strictly prohibited. Following the completion of the training program the items shall be returned to the Lynchburg Fire Department Training Division within three (3) business days from the end of the class. 

Site Overhaul, Cleaning and Inspection

Upon completion of the training activities, all buildings and exterior facilities will be thoroughly inspected for any trash and physical damage. All trash shall be removed from the facility. Any damage to buildings or exterior props as a result of the training evolutions will be documented and reported to the Lynchburg Fire Department Training Chief the next business day.  At the conclusion of the exercise, the building and grounds will be left in a safe and clean condition.
Instructors that do not leave the building and grounds in a safe and clean condition may be prohibited from future use of the facility.

Damage to Facility

Any property damage above and beyond normal use may be billed to the agency or responsible party utilizing the facility.