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    Rental Program Process

    How the Residential Rental Property Inspection Program Works

    • ​Staff maintains a database of residential rental properties.
    • The rental property owner(s) registered with Lynchburg City Assessor's office is referred to as; "the responsible party" for all correspondence material and documentation, mailed either manual or digital, from the Inspections Division related to: Rental Inspections Program, Virginia Laws, City Codes, and related resources provided below.
    • An Annual Residential Rental Inspection Notice indicating date and time of the scheduled inspection, plus any fees associated with the inspection, is mailed to the owner of record (based on data from the Assessor's office). 
    Non-Owner occupied units (including family) and Rent-to-Own type contracts units are considered as a rental (not unless, the purchaser or family member is recorded as a co-owner documented with the Assessor's office).

    Please be advised: The owner of record must provide the Assessor's office with the proper documentation to make the required change. Once the change has been documented, it is the owner's responsibility to contact the Property Maintenance Official – Rental Program Manager Rental Administrator of the change. Contact the City Assessor's Office: 434-455-3830.                                                                
    • ​It is the responsibility of the owner to notify hired rental management agencies and/or occupant of the scheduled rental inspection date and time.
    • ​Rentals are added to the rental inspection program by registering each unit, upon observed discovery, complaints, new ownership, legal aid, and or city data.
    • For an inspection time to be rescheduled, please call 48 hours prior to scheduled inspection time at 434-455-3922 or email dana.horne@lynchburgva.gov for a new inspection date and time.
    • Codes violation laws and criminal charges are associated with noncompliance of building code violations and non-payment of fees.

    Rental Fees

    ​ Staff sends a notice to the owner indicating date and time of the scheduled inspection as well as any associated fees.

     You can also schedule your inspection from this site using our online scheduler application.

    • Initial rental inspection - $50
    • First follow-up inspection $0
    • Subsequent follow-up inspections $50 each
    • NOTE: $50 fee must be paid within 30 days of the inspection. No Certificate of Compliance (CoC) is issued until the fee is paid.

    Inspection Results:

    • No violations cited: 4-year waiver and CoC issued
    • Violations abated: 4-year waiver and CoC issued
    • Violations not abated within reasonable time-frame (30 days): 1-year waiver CoC issued once the violations are addressed 
    Please make all checks payable to the City of Lynchburg. Cash or credit card payments along with the Inspection of Residential Rental Unit letter/bill is available at the Billings and Collections window, Monday- Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (online rental fee payment through the "Citylink" is not available at this time). 
    If no violations are cited or minor violations are abated within a reasonable time, a 4-four-year waiver and a Certificate of Compliance are issued. Rental fees must be paid no later than 30 days after the initial rental inspection. Payment after 30 days will result in a 1-one-year Certificate of Compliance being issued.  After the 4-four-year certificate expires, a rental inspection will be scheduled.
    If violations are cited and not abated within a reasonable period of time, a 1-one-year Certificate of Compliance is issued. After the 1-one or 4-four year certificate expires a rental inspection will be scheduled.
    Rental units/cases under new ownership become void and are not transferable. A new case with the new owner must be opened and inspected in order to receive a valid Rental Certificate of Compliance 

    Registering Rental Units

    Inspections are required to help Lynchburg rental units maintain:
    • Safe and habitable housing for its occupants
    • Overall appearance of the structure
    • Real estate values the in neighborhoods 

    Landlords and owners renting their property are likely familiar with the:

    • Virginia Tenant Landlord Act 2017  
    • VA State Code of Virginia > Title 55> Property and Conveyances> Chapter 13>Landlord and Tenant  
    • 2012 Virginia Maintenance Code
    Landlords/owners are expected to maintain Lynchburg rentals as habitable and Good to Go before occupancy.

    Register your rental unit (online form).

    If the rental unit is currently occupied, the owner/landlord is assumed to have registered each rental unit and diligently maintained and provided occupants/tenants with a dwelling unit that meets the Virginia standardization of habitation and property maintenance building code requirements. 
    As with all property maintenance violations, the property owner/landlord is provided an inspection report. If violations are found and cited, reasonable time is allowed to obtain the necessary corrections of the violations. If the owner/landlord fails to correct cited violations, the inspector will proceed with court action for failure to comply. All building code violations are subject to criminal charges and fines.
    Rentals are added to the rental inspection program upon observed discovery, complaints, new ownership, legal aid, and or city data.

    Exemptions and Non Rentals

    Courtesy Residential Rental Inspection Program Section 8/Certificate of Compliance exemption waiver: Rental dwellings which are contracted with the LRHA Section 8/HUD Housing Assistance Program are required to supply a current "Notification of Rent" or verification letter from LRHA confirming an inspection was conducted and is in compliance with the current International Property Maintenance Code minimal habitable standards. Please send verification to the Rental Program Administrator's email/mail address below in order to exempt the residential rental inspection fees and waive inspection. Verification is subject to an annual review and must be resubmitted each year to remain exempt from the Residential Rental Inspection Program. Rental units within Lynchburg City's designated Rental Inspection Districts which are not registered with the city, are not eligible for a courtesy Rental Certificate of Compliance. The owner on record must complete the rental registration form and provide proper documentation verifying ownership. 
    NOTE: Owner occupied units are not considered as a rental.  

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