Redevelopment & Housing Authority


Administers housing assistance programs as a political subdivision of the Commonwealth; conducts programs of urban renewal and housing rehabilitation in designated neighborhoods.

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3rd Thursday monthly
8:30 a.m. 
LRHA - 918 Commerce Street, 3rd floor








Hunsdon Cary, III
Ward 1
Sarah E. Ploch
Ward 1
John Farnandez
Ward 4
Lauretta Spencer
Ward 3
Norwood Morrison
Ward 1
Treney L. Tweedy
Ward 4
Edgar J. T. Perrow, Jr.
Ward 4
As of 10/01/2019

Liaison:  Mary E. Mayrose (434) 485-7220

Membership:  7 members (1 member must be directly assigned by the Authority). Members are required to file a financial disclosure form.

September appointment.