Program Description

What makes Lynchburg unique? What sticks out when you think “Lynchburg”? Is it the topography, the buildings, or the businesses? Do you think about the mural on 12th street, the memorials on Monument Terrace, or the LOVE sign by Percival’s Island?

While Lynchburg is memorable for many reasons, public art truly makes a place unique. It reflects the culture of the area and adds a humanizing element to what might otherwise be bare spaces. Areas with public art are livelier, more enjoyable, and more memorable than those that lack elements for the public to engage with.

Lynchburg’s Public Art Program is a process for people interested in installing public art on City property or in public right-of-ways such as streets. This program helps the City create opportunities for Lynchburg residents to enjoy public art, encourage resident artists to publically present their work, and to create public spaces that are attractive to all that use them.

Proposals are evaluated based on specific standards to ensure that the art is enriching, safe, and suitable for all members of the community. To see the criteria, please see the Guidelines for Public Art.

Interested applicants should fill out a Memorandum of Understanding and contact Tom Martin at or 434-455-3909.

Please note that this program does not apply to people who wish to put public art on their own private property.