The Fire Marshal’s Office issues permits for Assembly, Blasting, Open Burning and Fireworks Displays.

The completion of the appropriate application is the applicant’s responsibility. (The instruction sheets are provided to aid the applicant while completing the Permit Applications.)

Permits Fireworks Display Permits
Complete this Permit Application for the following types of permits:

  • Assembly
  • Blasting
  • Open Burning
  • Open Flame
  • Bonfire
  • Firework Sales
  • Flame Effect
  • Tank Fill-In
  • Tank Removal
  • Tents
Fireworks Permit - Application

**Note this application is ONLY for Fireworks Shows.

Permit Application Instructions Fireworks Permit - Application Requirements
  Firework Tents

Note: Application fees can be mailed, hand-delivered ahead of time, or given to the inspecting Fire Marshal upon receipt of the permit when the site is inspected.