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    Our Data

    The City of Lynchburg Mapping and GIS Division supports the transparency and open access to public data. Our goal is to provide easy an open access for Lynchburg's citizens to see and use datasets of interest. The transparency of operations and open access to public data. If you have any questions, or if you do not see data that you would like to have included, please feel free to leave us feedback .

    How to Download GIS Data

    The best way to access GIS Data is through the Open Data Portal. The Open Data Portal provides access to over 100 GIS and related datasets. It features an easy to use search, access to a wider collection of data, and it even allows you to preview the data before you download it. All data on the Open Data Portal is available for download in a variety of formats. The data is live, meaning that it is downloaded directly from our production database ensuring that the most up to data information is received.

    Visit the Open Data Portal to get started.

    Public Map Services

    In addition to downloadable GIS data, we also offer access to GIS data, aerial imagery, basemaps, layers, and analysis through our public map services. For more information on map services and how they can be used, please visit Esri's Online Help.

    Our Data Sharing Policy

    It is strongly recommended that you visit and read our Data Sharing Policy prior to downloading or using any City of Lynchburg GIS data. We also recommend that you contact the Mapping and GIS division if you have any questions regarding how the data my be used.

    Department of Water Resources Data

    Currently we are only permitted to provide Department of Water Resources data on a request-by-request basis. All requests for Utility related data must be pre-approved and processed by the department of Water Resources. Please contact Kat Finan for any Department of Water Resources data requests.

    Currently we are only permitted to provide Utility data on a request-by-request basis - See more at: http://www.lynchburgva.gov/gis-data-downloads-frequently-asked-questions...

    Aerial Imagery

    Aerial imagery is not available for download, but is available upon request. Please browse our online tile grids for imagery. Note the tile # as well as the year and submit requests to gis@lynchburgva.gov or call 434.455.3961.

    Coordinate System

    Most of the data in the City of Lynchburg GIS is maintained in by City of Lynchburg staff and uses the coordinate system below.

    Coordinate System  State Plane
    Zone   Virginia South
    Datum  NAD 83
    Linear  Unit Feet
    Projection  Lambert Conformal Conic
    ESRI Name  NAD_1983_StatePlane_Virginia_South_FIPS_4502_Feet