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    Point of Honor Receives $25,000 Grant for New Education Center

    The Lynchburg Museum Foundation is pleased to announce it has received a $25,000 grant from the Al Stroobants Foundation for its capital campaign to build a new Education Center at Point of Honor, Lynchburg’s historic plantation house in Daniel’s Hill. The Education Center will add a 1,700 square foot addition to the Carriage House at Point of Honor to better serve its visitors.
    “For our campaign, this is a major gift,” said Ted Delaney, Director of the Lynchburg Museum System, which manages Point of Honor. “We are very grateful for the boost it will give to our project.” 
    The Education Center is the centerpiece of a new plan to reimagine Point of Honor. The Lynchburg Museum System and the Lynchburg Museum Foundation envision the site as an active space for public history programming relevant to schools, the neighborhood, downtown, the city and surrounding counties and tourists from across the country and the world.
    The new Education Center will enable the Museum System to grow its public history programming and create an inclusive learning space for all of Lynchburg. Last year 11,000 residents, students and tourists visited Point of Honor. Most of the city’s first through fourth grade public school students already participate in educational programming at the site. However, further use of the current space is hampered by its small size, lack of restrooms and amenities, and by the fact that buildings on-site are not ADA-compliant. The new facility will address this and more—bringing online a space for public meetings, lectures and community events, as well as attracting more tourism.
    In an expanded and more accessible space, the Museum can develop new collaborations and partnerships with schools, community groups, the neighborhood, and the city at large, which will help address 21st-century challenges through educational activities.
    The Education Center will be built by the Lynchburg Museum Foundation entirely with private funding. The capital campaign goal is $1 million, of which approximately $350,000 has been raised from over 200 individuals, businesses, and foundations. The City of Lynchburg provided civil engineering and surveys for the project as an in-kind donation.
    For more information call (434) 455–6226, visit www.PointofHonor.org, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (LburgMuse).