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    Oil Spill Response on Campbell Avenue

    On Tuesday, November 5 at approximately 9:30 a.m., an unknown commercial vehicle spilled a significant amount of an unidentified oily substance on the outside lane of Campbell Avenue, running from the Florida Avenue intersection to the 460 on ramp and onto Route 460 itself. 
    Upon notice of the incident, Lynchburg Public Works, in cooperation with the Lynchburg Fire Department, worked to apply sand to the roadway in an effort to contain the oil.  These operations continued throughout the day with limited results.  
    Due to continuing concerns with the remaining oil residue on the roadway, the decision was made to close the lane overnight and revisit the issue this morning, November 6. After a follow up site visit, it has been determined that there is still a significant amount of oil on the asphalt that is no longer in a liquid form; however, it is still presenting slick conditions on the roadway.  
    To resolve the issue permanently, contractors will be on site Thursday morning, November 7 beginning at 9:00 a.m. to apply a surface treatment to the outside lane of Campbell Avenue running from the Florida Avenue intersection to the 460 on ramp. It is expected that this surface treatment will safely encapsulate the residual oil on the roadway, and the added aggregate will provide traction to vehicles on the roadway.
    Traffic in this area will be restricted to one lane for the remainder of today, November 6, continuing overnight and for the duration of time it takes the contractor to complete the surface treatment. Motorists should expect minor delays and should use caution while traveling through the work zone.  Emergency vehicles will have access at all times. 
    For more information, contact Clay Simmons at (434) 455-4443.