Declaration of Local State of Emergency

June 03, 2020


Lynchburg City Manager Lifts Curfew 

Lynchburg City Manager Bonnie Svrcek, in consultation with Police Chief Ryan Zuidema, is lifting the City’s curfew for this evening, June 5, after three nights of peaceful protests. 
“We want to thank everyone for their compliance with the curfew and understanding during these extraordinary times,” said the City Manager. “We expect the community will continue to be peaceful so the suspension of the curfew can continue and our great community can engage in meaningful conversation and action to move forward.”

The City Manager, in consultation with the Police Chief, may revisit the decision to institute a curfew should it become necessary. 

City Council Readopts and Reaffirms Curfew Ordinance and Local State of Emergency

Today, Wednesday, June 3, Lynchburg City Council conducted a special meeting to readopt the curfew ordinance and reaffirm the local state of emergency. During the meeting, City Council also decided to adjust the curfew hours to 9:00 p.m. - 6:00 a.m. City Council will review the ongoing need for the curfew during its regular June 9 meeting. 
City Manager Bonnie Svrcek also announced during today’s meeting that after consulting with Police Chief Ryan Zuidema, she was continuing the curfew for this evening. Svrcek, in consultation with the police chief, will continue to decide each day by 12:00 noon whether or not to extend the curfew.
Residents are reminded that the curfew does not affect hours of operation for public transportation like the Greater Lynchburg Transit Company (GLTC), Lyft, Uber or other ride-sharing transportation options. 
Other exemptions include people traveling to and from work, individuals seeking medical care, persons performing the duties of their jobs, etc.  

To view frequently asked questions regarding the mandatory curfew, click the image below.


The curfew ordinance can be viewed here.

The curfew declaration can be viewed here.