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    Dearington Neighborhood Recreation Plan Available for Public Comment

    The City of Lynchburg is pleased to release the Dearington Neighborhood Recreation Plan for a public comment period. The document includes a master plan for Jefferson Park, neighborhood gateway improvements, on and off-street trail improvements and proposals for underutilized public land in the neighborhood. 

    The purpose of this plan is to guide City and neighborhood efforts towards achieving a shared vision for the Dearington Neighborhood and Jefferson Park. It will be used by City staff to plan capital improvements and programming over a 20-year period and help the neighborhood advocate for the improvements they would like to see in their public spaces.

    Jefferson Park sits in the heart of the Dearington Neighborhood and is defined by its dramatic topography and rich history as the site of the first park and only swimming pool available to African-Americans during segregation. Proposals for Jefferson Park in the short term include new basketball courts at the historic amphitheater, access and trail improvements and a “neighborhood patio” for outdoor gatherings and activities, fitted with Wi-Fi and publicly available charging stations. In the longer term, the plan envisions a new multi-use gymnasium, playground improvements, outdoor fitness equipment, trails, playing fields, a splashpad on the neighborhood patio and a permanent memorial/marking of the Jefferson Park swimming pool site.

    City Council, with the Community Development Advisory Committee’s (CDAC) unanimous recommendation, dedicated initial funding through the City’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program in March. The funds become available later this year and will lead to over $500k being invested in Jefferson Park in the coming years to begin the short-term work.

    To view the plan, provide comments and find out more about these efforts, click here.