City of Lynchburg to Receive $25 Million for CSO Program

August 31, 2021

The City of Lynchburg will receive $25 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to address the City’s Combined Sewer Overflow Program (CSO). The funds were appropriated during the Special Session of the General Assembly and are part of the federal distributions from the ARPA.

This allocation, along with a $25 million local match, will help bring the City’s decades-long CSO Program to completion. These funds will go directly to projects that will greatly improve the environment and achieve and exceed the water quality goals of the CSO Program. 

Upon completion of the CSO Program, more than 95% of the original CSO volume will be eliminated; 116 overflow points will have been permanently closed and of the remaining 16 overflow points, 12 will activate less than four times per year; over 5,000 acres of combined sewer area will have been separated; and over 220 acres of connected rooftops have been removed from the sewer system.  

Since 1994, the City of Lynchburg has invested over $300 million in its CSO Program along with another $110 million in other water quality projects.

According to Tim Mitchell, Director of Lynchburg’s Water Resources Department, the City is grateful to the City’s General Assembly delegation as well as its congressional representatives for their efforts in securing the funds. “This has been a huge collaborative effort across many City Councils, many City employees, State and Federal partners, consultants and contractors,” said Mitchell. “As a result of the City’s innovative and proactive approach, coupled with the additional ARPA funding, we will be able to complete the program within the next five years.”

“This is wonderful news for the City and its citizens,” said Mayor MaryJane Dolan. This appropriation will allow us to continue to address our CSO issues and also reduce the burden to our citizens.”

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