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    City Council Makes Appointments to School Board & Task Force

    On Tuesday, June 25, Lynchburg City Council reappointed Susan D. Morrison, District I and Dr. Michael J. Nilles, District 3, to the Lynchburg City School Board. Their terms will end on June 30, 2022. City Council also appointed Gary E. Harvey to represent District 2.
    Former Mayor and City Councilmember, Dr. Michael A. Gillette, was appointed Chair of the newly-formed “Task Force on the Future of Education in the City of Lynchburg: PreK-12 and Beyond.” Gloria Preston, former educator and administrator with Lynchburg City Schools, was appointed as the Task Force’s Vice-Chair, and Councilmembers Randy Nelson and Beau Wright were appointed as City Council representatives.  The Lynchburg City School Board is expected to appoint two additional representatives at its July 16 meeting. These six individuals will comprise the Task Force’s Steering Committee.  One of the committee’s first tasks will be to appoint 10 citizens who will serve on the Task Force.
    The mission of the Task Force will be to gather information, engage the public in conversation, conduct thorough analysis, and forward actionable recommendations to the School Board with the goal of aligning future educational programming, operational strategies, and capital improvement decisions of the Lynchburg City Schools with the long-term success of the City and community.