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    Artstorm Drain Painting on Fifth St. (Oct. 19)

    On Saturday, October 19, traffic will be moving slowly on Fifth Street from Church Street to Jackson Street starting at 8:30 a.m. There will be six local artists painting storm drains along the road to encourage the public to think about their impact on our streams and watersheds. The public is encouraged to come watch the installation.
    Storm drains are important because they convey storm water from urban surfaces into our natural streams and rivers. When pollutants like trash, dirt, or chemicals get into the storm drain they cause harm to our wildlife and eventually people living downstream. This installation is an effort to spread awareness about the valuable natural resources we have in Lynchburg and actions that every citizen can take to help conserve them. Preventing pollutants from entering the storm drain system is an easy and effective way to reduce pollution in Lynchburg. Only rain down the drain leads to only rain in the James!
    The artists were selected from a pool by the James River Council for Arts and Humanities and Lynchburg Water Resources.  Artist locations will be identified with a safety zone. Please drive carefully to protect the artists and people who might be watching them paint.
    For background information please visit this website:  http://www.jamesriverarts.net/storm-drain-art-project
    For more information, contact Nancy Lilly, Stormwater Outreach Coordinator, (434) 455-3933.