Members - Education Task Force


Dr. Michael Gillette Steering Committee, Chair
Ms. Gloria Preston Steering Committee, Co-Chair
Mr. Randy Nelson Steering Committee, City Councilmember
Mr. Beau Wright Steering Committee, City Councilmember
Ms. Susan Morrison  Steering Committee, City School Board Member
Dr. Atul Gupta Steering Committee, City School Board Member
Dr. Roger Jones Leading Practices in Urban Education, chair
Dr. Owen Cardwell Programming and Collaboration Opportunities, chair
Ms. Julie Doyle Enrollment Trends and Demographics, chair
Ms. Pat Price Talent Management, chair
Ms. Katherine Williams Finance, chair
Mr. Joe Tucker At-large Member
Dr. Rachel Gagen At-large Member
Dr. Steve Smith At-large Member
Ms. Elise Spontarelli At-large Member
Mr. Charlie White At-large Member


Dr. Reid Wodicka Interim City Manager, City Staff Liaison
Dr. Amy Pugh Deputy Superintendent, School Staff Liaison
Ms. Alicia Finney Clerk of Council, Administrative Support