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    Mapping and GIS

    What is GIS?

    GIS stands for Geographic Information System, a technology used for storing, viewing, processing, and analyzing geographic data. GIS is a powerful tool for citizens, government agencies, and private entities alike. GIS is used for a wide variety of purposes to include: asset management, planning, emergency services, transportation, and environmental monitoring.

    GIS in the City of Lynchburg

    The City of Lynchburg utilizes GIS for mapping, analysis, training, asset management, and planning throughout the entire organization. Whether it is a simple map or complex analysis, GIS plays an integral role in the day to day operations of many departments.

    GIS and Citizens

    GIS is also used as a communications tool between the City and its Citizens. The data managed by GIS professionals throughout the City is made available to the public via our Parcel Viewer online mapping application. Information ranging from what school zone you are in, to what value your house is assessed at can be accessed from this powerful yet simple to use application.

    GIS Division

    The role of the GIS Division is to:

    • Provide GIS related service to all City departments, citizens, and professionals
    • Develop and maintain the City's GIS infrastructure on an enterprise level
    • Analyze departmental requirements for database development
    • Integrate GIS with other City systems to enhance workflow, analysis, and service capabilities
    • Maintain and update City GIS planimetric and topographic data layers
    • Develop complex customized maps, tables, and presentations
    • Provide instruction and support on the content of the database structure, capabilities of GIS, and the use of the online GIS applications
    • Perform extractions of geographic and non-geographic data using query and analysis capabilities of GIS
    • Provide support and instruction on capturing, processing, and integrating field data through GPS

    Parcel Viewer

    The City of Lynchburg’s online GIS is a powerful and comprehensive tool. Offering users the ability to access a wide range of information from a simple and intuitive interface, it has become a popular destination for realtors, developers, and local citizens.

    Launch ParcelViewer

    Data Downloads

    The Open Data Portal offers a wide selection of our GIS data for free download. The data is available in three different formats and covers the entire city. Learn More 

    Map Requests

    Looking for a map? Check out our Map Request page for links to maps available for free download or to request a custom map. Check it out!