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    Main Street Bridge Replacement

    Originally constructed in conjunction with the Lynchburg Expressway, the Main Street Bridge has exceeded its functional life and requires replacement.  In addition to its age and condition, the bridge is too low for larger vehicles to pass safely under it as they travel north and south on the Lynchburg Expressway (US Route 29 Business).

    To address these deficiencies, the City is undertaking a project to replace the bridge.  Key features of the bridge project include raising the height of the structure to provide greater clearance for vehicles passing under it as they travel north and south on the Lynchburg Expressway.  Additionally, the bridge will be lengthened at both ends to provide greater clearance to traffic on the Expressway and to improve the acceleration and deceleration lanes used to enter or exit the north bound lane of Route 29 Business.

    Several decisions have been made to shorten the length of time needed to complete the project, to prevent future impacts to the traveling public and to make the best use of funding available.  To shorten the construction project length by approximately 8 months, the bridge will be completely removed and replaced in one phase.  Both retaining walls and sanitary sewers within the project footprint require rehabilitation work as well.  By including these repairs in the same contract, future impacts to traffic will be minimized.  Finally, cost savings can be realized by eliminating the complexities of two-phase construction and reducing the project length by 8 months.  To accomplish the work, detours will be put in place to assure full access to businesses and residents.  An interactive detour map is available.

    As one of the primary gateways into the City and to downtown, the project will include improvements to the landscaping and the hardscaping around the bridge and the interchange.  Hardscaping elements will also be considered for the bridge, sidewalks and street lighting and coordinated to match the features of the Downtown Waterline Replacement and Streetscaping Project.

    During the course of construction, the entire bridge will be removed and Main Street will be closed across the Lynchburg Expressway.  Please refer to the below link for a map that illustrates the detour routes for local and through traffic that will be provided to maintain access to residents and businesses in the project area and the Greater Downtown, Diamond Hill and White Rock Hill neighborhoods.

    Map Link:  http://cityoflynchburg.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapJournal/index.html?appid=33f9c63361e94ee8a25db7afb91a4058

    Project Schedule
    Begin Engineering Design Phase August 2016
    Review Landscape Architect Concept Plans January 2017
    Neighborhood Meetings June 2017
    Complete Utility Relocations July 2017
    Complete Engineering Design Phase August 2017
    Advertisement September 2017
    Pre-Bid Meeting September 2017
    Bid Opening September 2017
    Award Contractor October 2017
    Pre-Construction Contractor Meeting October 2017
    Pre-Construction Public Meeting October 2017
    Notice to Proceed (Construction) Mid November 2017
    Substantially Complete Construction (Bridge Open) November 2018
    Complete Construction May 2019
    City of Lynchburg Representatives
    Project Manager Lee Newland 434-455-3947
    Construction Coordinator Edd Wood 434-455-4446
    Engineering Consultant Schwartz & Associates 434-237-6584
    Contractor English Construction 434-845-0301