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    Lynchburg Trash Bag Store Locations

    Campbell Ave Super Stop
    3145 Campbell Ave
    Quik-E   #5
    6015 Fort Ave
    Fast Mart #2
    2101 12th St
    Quik-E   #7
    1200 Lakeside Dr
    Fast Mart #5
    1400 Campbell Ave
    Quik-E   #2
    2220 Lakeside Dr
    Food Lion
    2225 Florida Ave
    Quick-E #12
    2209 Wards Rd
    Food Lion
    21039 Timberlake Rd
    7- Eleven
    2311 Bedford Ave
    Food Lion
    2909 Memorial Ave
    7 - Eleven
    2337 Fort Avenue 
    Food Lion 
    18013 Forest Rd, Forest
    3900 Wards Rd
    Food Lion
    Rt 29 & Seminole Dr, Madison  Heights
    White Rock Food Market
    818 Florida Ave
    Food Lion
    4925 Boonsboro Rd
    Zipp Pizza & Deli
    1605 Memorial Ave
    Fort Ave Food Mart
    2404 Fort Ave
    Z Market
    1401 Park Ave
    Justis Convenience Store
    1205 Twelfth St
    7105 Timberlake Road
    4119 Boonsboro Rd
    2012 Wards Rd
    7805 Timberlake Rd
     All  Lynchburg locations
    Lucky Store
    521 Fifth Street

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