Lynchburg Parking Authority Work Plan

Approved September 8, 2009

The mission of the Lynchburg Parking Authority is to support the development of adequate parking for commercial, retail, residential, and recreational use in the downtown area. Adequate parking will provide all downtown visitors and customers with a convenient, safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing parking experience.

Set policy that is an interrelated web of strategies and tactics that are formulated to meet certain goals for the parking system. The primary goal is to support the Mission Statement.

Develop policies of operation, maintenance, and allocation of spaces for parking facilities (on-street and off-street).

  • Increase communications with downtown stakeholders. Raise public awareness of parking availability and the location of parking facilities.
  • Create a parking website to post all meeting schedules, minutes, and other parking related information.

Goal 1: Increase communications between the public and private sectors regarding current parking policies and future parking needs.

  • Capture input from downtown stakeholders regarding current parking conditions and future parking needs.
  • Encourage better utilization of existing parking spaces.
    Institute periodic forums to discuss parking concerns, expectations and needs.
  • Enhance public relations by developing a parking information brochure that will contain public parking information, rates, and other parking related information.

Goal 2: Maximize off-street parking options for downtown visitors, businesses, and residents.

  • Maximize the efficiency of existing parking facilities.
  • Develop an off-street parking inventory and introduce new parking technological controls.
  • Create mixed utilization of off street parking spaces.
  • Maximize the revenue stream.

Goal 3: Maximize on-street parking options for downtown visitors, businesses, and residents.

  • Evaluate current City ordinances and review current on-street enforcement policies/practices.
  • Implement paid on-street parking.
  • Utilize advanced parking strategies and install technologies to control on-street parking spaces.
  • Make recommendations to the City Manager, Parking Authority, and City Council to amend the parking ordinance and approve the parking policy.

Goal 4: Determine the most appropriate method of financing and location for a new parking facility.


  • Create a financing model for the new parking facility.
  • Analyze other localities’ revenue generation and financing methods.
  • Determine the capital and operational costs of existing and new facilities.