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    Lynchburg Parking Authority Members

    The Parking Authority consists of seven members:

    1. Downtown property owner
    2. Retail business owner
    3. Resident of the Central Business District
    4. Lynch’s Landing Board Member
    5. Private individual with financial expertise
    6. Private individual with real estate expertise
    7. Private individual with development expertise

                  Parking Authority Committee Members

    Member Term
    Mr. Brandon P. Farmer
    Financial Expertise
    9/14/10 – 10/30/23
    Ms. Ivajoan "Tobi" Jeager
    Downtown Business
    10/23/12 - 10/30/22
    Mr. James Mundy
    Downtown Business
    Mr. Thorne McCraw
    Downtown Business
    10/23/12 – 10/30/22
    Mary Jane Dolan
    Council Member
    Mr. David Marple
    Downtown Business
    Downtown Lynchburg Assoc.
    10/23/18 – 10/30/22