Love Lynchburg Displays

The City of Lynchburg added some LOVE to the John Lynch Bridge by adding LOVE LYNCHBURG pole banners.

The Communications & Marketing Department had a LOVELY presence at the 2018 International Festival. They asked, "Where are you from?" Festival attendees were able to add a pin to the world map to show where they (or their family) had come from before arriving in Lynchburg. In addition, they could pick up LOVE LYNCHBURG window clings and other freebies. LOVE LYNCHBURG t-shirts were also on sale. The chalkboards were also on display for attendees to write the responses to "Why do you LOVE LYNCHBURG?"

The Point of Honor had their annual Easter Egg Roll on a cool March morning, and Communications & Marketing was there with 200 special red eggs that either held a note for a sweet treat (candy heart lollipop) or a free LOVE LYNCHBURG t-shirt.