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    Central Business District Loading Zones



    Lynchburg City Council instructed staff to conduct a pilot period regarding loading zones in the Central Business District (CBD) and to make recommendations that would help ensure the effective designation, use and enforcement of timed and permanent loading zones for the deliveries outside of travel lanes. The purpose of the changes to the loading zone management practices in the CBD is to ensure a safer and more efficient flow of vehicular traffic. The pilot will assist staff in determining the best locations and time limits for the loading zones and to address any concerns that businesses may have regarding them.


    • Fine for a loading zone violation will increase from $30 to $50. The purpose of the increase is to encourage drivers to respect the time limits and to use the area for loading or unloading only.
    • Fine for parking illegally in the travel lane of traffic will result in a $100 fine. The purpose of the fine is to dissuade drivers from parking in the travel lane and to promote a safe environment for vehicular travel.
    • When it is necessary to provide parking accommodations for longer deliveries or to facilitate special requests for all day parking related to construction, moving or other special needs from businesses,a right-of-way permit may be obtained through the Public Works Engineering Division or a temporary parking permit may be issued by the Parking Management Office. Fees may apply.
    • Delivery companies using the all day Commerce Street loading zone may make deliveries using the E-level Midtown Deck Elevator.
    • See Agenda Item Summary from the April 23, 2019 City Council Meeting. 
    • Read the amended Loading Zone Ordinance (signed May 14, 2019). 


    • Information regarding the changes to loading zones is being sent to all downtown stakeholders, companies that deliver goods and services to the CBD, the general public, etc.
    • A survey will be sent to CBD businesses and delivery companies in July 2019 and again in September 2019 to gather feedback regarding the loading zone changes.
    • A final report regarding the loading zone ordinance changes will be made to City Council at its September 2019 meeting.
    • Enforcement of the new ordinances will begin on June 3rd.


    Citizens First  (434) 856-CITY (2489)
    Parking Management (434) 455-4045
    Public Works Department  (434) 455-3950
    Media Inquiries: Communications and Marketing Department  (434) 455-3800