Litter Control & Adopt-A-Street


Lynchburg's Adopt-A-Street program began in 1991. Today, more than 80 locations across the city are adopted by volunteers who do at least four clean-ups per year at their designated location. A half-mile minimum is required to adopt a street. The City provides trash bags, litter grabbers and safety vests, and then collects the filled bags. In addition, an Adopt-A-Street road sign with the individual’s or organization’s name will be placed on the adopted street. For more information please call (434) 455-6087.

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Litter Control: Love Where You Live Community Cleanup

During the Spring the City of Lynchburg in partnership with Keep Lynchburg Beautiful hosts an annual spring cleanup, Love Where You Live. Citizens and volunteer groups are encouraged to meet at one central location in the city where they will be given cleanup supplies, a location or two to clean and refreshments. All trash collected is placed on the street curb for City collection crews to pickup. In addition to the community wide cleanup, Parks & Recreation also holds the Clean Your Block Party at local community centers. 
Due to Covid-19 the Public Works Citywide Spring cleanup event has been postponed. You are welcome to apply to become an Adopt-A-Street participant. Please visit our website, news articles & social media for updates and/or changes.