Hybrid Paid Time Off

Full-time employees covered by the VRS Hybrid Plan earn Hybrid paid time off (PTO). This paid leave is used for many different purposes such as vacation, during an employee or family member's illness or injury, and/or personal pursuits. Hybrid PTO is earned according to the schedule below.  

Eight hours of Hybrid PTO is awarded at the time of hire and at the beginning of each subsequent calendar year. The remainder is accrued on a monthly basis according to the following chart: 

Months of Service

Initial PTO Award

PTO Hours Accrued Per Month

Total Annual PTO Hours

Max Hours Carry-Over

Max Hours Pay-Out

1-36 8 10 128 192 128
37-60 8 12 152 228 152
61-120 8 14 176 264 176
120-180 8 16 200 300 200
181-240 8 18 224 336 224
241+ 8 20 248 372 248

If your anniversary falls on or before the 15th of the month, the Hybrid PTO leave you accrue per month increases in that month. If your anniversary falls after the 15th of the month, the Hybrid PTO leave you accrue per month increases in the following month. The anniversary date for leave accruals is based on your start date as a full-time employee.

Other absences with pay include holiday leave, funeral leave, court service, military leave, and injury leave. Total creditable service for full-time PTO accrual purposes shall be computed from the date of appointment or conversion to an eligible full-time position. Employees receiving Short-Term Disability under VLDP benefits do not accrue PTO while receiving Short-Term Disability payments. Refer to the Employment Policies & Procedures manual for additional information.