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    Horizon Behavioral Health


    Provides services for mental health, mental retardation and substance abuse through the role of advisor, service provider, fund raiser, educator, community organizer, planner, advocator and consultant; reviews existing programs and initiates new programs. (Formerly Community Services Board of Central VA)


    Meets monthly except March & August

    4th Wednesday

    4:00 p.m.

    2241 Langhorne Rd.


    Betty Brickhouse

    Ward 4

    Clyde T. Clark, Sr.

    Ward 1

    John Rice

    Consumer advocate

    Treney L. Tweedy

    Council Member

    As of 01/01/2020


    Liaison:  Sandy Farmer 434-847-8050

    Membership: Three (3) members: two (2) at-large (including one (1) consumer advocate); one (1) City Council member.  Anyone who is an employee or board member of any organization which receives funding from a community services board is not eligible to be appointed to the board.

    December appointment