History of Fleet Services

On July 1, 2000, all fleet authority transferred to the Fleet Services Department. As a result, several major construction projects, programs, and other enhancements, including the following, occurred:

  • A new 18,000 square foot central City maintenance facility opened in March 2001.
  • The Refuse Maintenance Garage was completely renovated in October 2001.
  • A new central City Fuel Site opened in March 2000.
  • Technician staff certification became a requirement for employment. In May 2000, Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) awarded their Blue Seal of Approval designation to the Memorial Avenue Maintenance Garage. The seven full-time technicians and the Shop Operations Supervisor possess around 93 ASE certifications as of this writing.
  • Professional certification goes beyond the shop area as the Director and the Assistant Director are both Certified Automotive Fleet Managers and the Administrative Services Coordinator is a Certified Equipment Manager.
  • A fleet management information system was installed to capture all fleet information such as acquisition costs, maintenance performed, fuel obtained, etc. The software is FASTER Asset Solutions. The system went live in October 1999.
  • A fully automated fuel management system was installed at the fuel sites that allows customers to activate the system via a special key called a Prokee. The dispensers are Gasboy and the fuel software system is called FuelMaster.
  • Using an internal service fund, Fleet Services mirrors the private sector with respect to accounting, billing, and benchmarking. The operating budget is broken down into cost centers (Activity Based Accounting) and billing is based on a fully burdened labor rate supplemented by markups for parts, fuel and contractual services.
  • The Public Works Department placed into service a large truck wash in December 2009.