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What are Lynchburg Historic Districts?

There are eight designated historic districts and fourteen individually designated historic properties in Lynchburg.  The historic districts are Court House Hill, Daniel's Hill, Diamond Hill, Garland Hill, Federal Hill, Pierce Street Renaissance, Rivermont and Virginia University of Lynchburg.  Some of the historic properties include the Academy of Music Theater, the Samuel Miller House, Hopwood Hall Lynchburg College, Fort Early and the Old City Cemetery.  There are over seven hundred Lynchburg buildings on the National Register of Historic Places maintained by the Department of the Interior.

What is Lynchburg's Historic Districts Ordinance?

City Council adopted a Historic Districts Ordinance in 1976 (Section 35.1-44.1) of the City Code).  This ordinance (now Sections 35.2-13, 58, and 100.9) ensures that Lynchburg's heritage and unique identity will be preserved for the benefit of future generations by providing for the establishment of local historic districts and the designation of individual historic properties.  It also provides for the review of alterations affecting those historic districts and properties.