Health & Safety Battalion Chief

Battalion Chief Jennifer Collins
Health & Safety Officer

As an agency the LFD has a Battalion Chief that serves as the departments full-time Health and Safety Officer (HSO).  The HSO leads the department’s health and safety programs and initiatives to protect the organization from preventable injury or losses from accidents or liability.  These Health and Safety initiatives include, but are not limited to: 

  • Accident Investigations Program
  • Annual EVOC Training
  • Cancer Risk Reduction Efforts
  • Designated Infection Control Officer
  • LFD Exposure Control Plan
  • LFD Health and Safety Advisory Committee
  • LFD Physical Fitness Plan
  • Occupational Health Physicals
  • PPE Advanced Gear Inspections (Annually) and Quarterly Gear Inspection Programs
  • Wellness Program Coordinator
  • Random Drug and Alcohol screening

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