Haz-Mat Team

The Lynchburg Fire Department's Haz-Mat Team provides the citizens of Lynchburg with an innovative approach for resolution of life safety situations involving hazardous materials. 

Fire Department employees provide advanced planning and management services for chemical releases in the Lynchburg area. By developing partnerships and enacting written mutual aid agreements with other localities, the Haz-Mat Team provides the ability to take an offensive approach to unplanned releases of hazardous materials.

Some incidents may require the response of a Regional Haz-Mat Team; however, Lynchburg’s Team effectively decreases critical time delays before more aggressive actions can be taken. This will favorably change the outcome of a chemical release in the Lynchburg area.


Ability to:
  • Control a hazardous substance spill or leak
  • Assess and manage container damage
  • Detect and monitor hazardous atmospheres
  • Work at transportation or fixed facility emergencies
  • Use advanced chemical protective clothing
  • Decontaminate personnel during exposures
  • Perform Advanced Haz-Mat Life Support medical services
The Haz-Mat Team operates in compliance with governmental regulations and professional standards.  Members of the Haz-Mat Team offer additional Haz-Mat related training for other Lynchburg public safety departments.
The Haz-Mat Team was developed in 1999 and operates a Level III self-contained response unit from Lakeside Drive Fire Station #7.  
The team consists of 30 technicians and specialists who perform these special operations in addition to their firefighting and EMS duties with the Lynchburg Fire Department. 
If you witness a possible hazardous substance leak or accident in the Lynchburg area, call 911.