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    Game Over, Grease

    Eliminate fatbergs from Lynchburg’s sewer system and tell grease, it's game over!

    One of the biggest issues facing Lynchburg’s sewer system is the buildup of fats, oil, and grease in our sewer pipes. This grease includes common ingredients found in your kitchen like vegetable oil, bacon fat, butter or margarine, icing, sauces, sour cream, and salad dressing. When these ingredients are poured down the drain, they solidify in the sewer pipes, mixing with non-flushable items like wet wipes and shop rags, and create fatbergs (like the one pictured below) that block the sewer lines and cause costly and unsafe overflows into backyards, forests, and streams.

    Game Over, Fatbergs

    What can you do to help eliminate fatbergs in Lynchburg?  Help us tell grease it's game over by recycling it into 100% earth-friendly biofuel!

    How to Recycle

    1. COOL– After cooking, cool the oil or grease until you can pour it into a sealable plastic or glass container.
    2. CAN– Once the oil or grease is cool, pour it into a sealable container (we offer free grease recycling containers at the Wastewater Treatment Plant’s recycling center).
    3. RECYCLE – When your container is full, recycle it at our grease recycling center located at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

    Grease Recycling Center

    Location: 2301 Concord Turnpike, Lynchburg, Virginia 24504

    Please note: only household cooking oil and grease can be accepted for recycling. DO NOT leave motor oil, fuel, or other non-cooking oils and grease at this recycling center.

    Why Recycle?

    We’ve partnered with Darton Environmental in Bedford, Virginia, to recycle your used cooking oil into earth-friendly biofuel for busses, cars, and trucks.  This partnership allows to us to keep our sewer system clog-free and ensure that we are good stewards of our planet’s limited resources.

    Ready to defeat the grease?

    Simply start saving your grease and drop it off at our grease recycling center!

    There are two options for saving your grease:

    1. Use your own jar or container. Smaller jars like leftover pasta sauce jars are great for small amounts. If you’re frying for a crowd, pour the used cooking oil back into the original plastic jug. A funnel comes in handy for not spilling the oil!
    2. Pick up a brand new grease recycling container from the top shelf of our grease recycling center. We’ll keep them stocked for your convenience.

    You can also stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for to learn about special events where we’ll hand out grease containers as well.


    Free Printable Education Materials

    Want to share the message about proper grease disposal at your church, school, home, or community event?  Great!  Feel free to use the printable resources below.


    For more information

    Please contact our Industrial Monitoring Coordinator at 434-455-6240.