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    Fire Safety Trailer Photos



    The kitchen contains working appliances and is used to teach children how to practice basic kitchen fire safety.

    The kitchen of the trailer is used to conduct lessons on the following subjects:

    • Basic kitchen fire safety
    • Recognition of a hearing impaired smoke alarm
    • Checking closed doors for heat 

    Living Room

    The living room is used to teach a variety of fire and life safety lessons.
    The lessons taught in the living room include:

    • Basic Home Fire Safety
    • Get Out Stay Out
    • Crawl Low in Smoke
    • What is a Smoke Detector
    • Call 911

    To conduct these lessons, the living room is equipped with the following interactive features.

    • Electric fireplace
    • Working smoke alarm
    • Interactive E-911 telephone system
    • Television/VCR combination


    The Bedroom is located on the second floor of the unit.  Accessed from a stairway in the Kitchen, the Bedroom of the trailer can be used to teach several fire safety lessons.  The lessons taught in the Bedroom include:

    • Preventing smoke from entering a room
    • Checking exit doors for heat
    • Identifying and using alternative exits

    To conduct these lessons, the Bedroom is equipped with the following interactive features.

    • Working smoke alarm
    • Working carbon monoxide detector
    • Heated and smoking bedroom door
    • Sliding rear door leading to rear porch with escape ladder



    In addition to the fire safety lessons, the Fire Safety & Life Trailer is equipped with a severe weather simulator.  This simulator is used to teach students the science behind severe weather events while at the same time simulating one of three different storms:  hurricane, tornado, and severe thunderstorm.

    The severe weather simulation is a very realistic experience intended to be used with fourth grade students. This simulator is not recommended for younger children.