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    Faith Watch Program

    What can places of Faith and Houses of Worship do to strengthen security and protect parishioners?  

    The Lynchburg Faith Watch Program attempts to organize our Faith Community Leaders by performing a partnership between the Lynchburg Police Department and Houses of Worship.

    The goal is to create safer worship environments, while promoting  crime prevention strategies.

    Faith Watch was started to help reduce opportunities for crime, to help provide educational programs, and security assessments to all Houses of Worship located within the City of Lynchburg.

    Faith Watch Membership

    • Receive training on various aspects of Crime Prevention. Some topics include: Situational Awareness, Personal Safety, Internet Safety, and Target Hardening.
    • Receive reports of statistical information on crime committed within their Faith Watch area.
    • Receive a FREE security assessment of their House of Worship. Surveys will be conducted by qualified Lynchburg Police Department personnel.

    Requirements to Join:

    • Submit Application to the Lynchburg Police Department.
    • Schedule a Security Assessment of your House of Worship.
    • Attend at least one training session annually.
    • Report all criminal activity to the Lynchburg Police Department, whenever it occurs on your property.

    One Community One Voice - Lynchburg

    • Pastors / Leaders Meeting - 1st Thursday of every month.

    For more information call the Community Action Team at (434) 455-6173 or visit One Community One Voice on Facebook

    Faith Watch Brochure   Faith Watch Tips

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