Exhibit C - Conditions of Issuance

Permit for placement of items on sidewalks or other “walking areas” in the City Right-of-Way.

  1. All items placed on a public sidewalk shall be located in such a manner as to leave at least four feet of clear walkway between the item(s) and the edge of the curb or edge of walk. Items that are displayed cannot be of such a size or construction that they could fall and intrude into the four feet of clearance.
  2. Assigned public spaces may be designated and will only available for use by the assigned vendor or outdoor café. This condition shall be stated as such as part of the permit approval from the City of Lynchburg.
  3. A site plan shall be submitted to the City Engineer for the approval of the permit. Specific information regarding the design of site furnishings, signage, plantings, delineators, additional lighting, etc. shall accompany the permit and site plan for approval. It is important to the City that all vendor spaces are appropriate for the public and kept in a neat manner. Vendors not meeting these requirements will be warned of deficiencies and, if uncorrected, may result in forfeiture of the fee and right to a permitted café or vendor space.
  4. All applications are subject to recommendation by the Historic Advisory Committee.
  5. No vendor or outdoor cafe shall incorporate City property such as chairs, benches or planters. No vendor shall use City power supplies.
  6. Removal of all trash, including food products and waste, in and around the vendor space and routine maintenance, along with snow removal of the space allocated, is the responsibility of the vendor.
  7. Comply with Virginia ABC laws and regulations for alcoholic beverages.
See the attached map named “Jefferson Street South and Lower Bluff Walk public spaces for use” denoting the areas available for use in these locations.

Additional information can be found in Lynchburg City Code Section 35-19. 1,

The City reserves the right to change the terms of the permitting policy at its discretion.