Exhibit B - Conditions of Issuance

Conditions for issuance of a permit for temporary use of City Right-of-Way:

  1. Any permit allowing use of parking spaces or street—no specific parking space will be guaranteed. No permanent location will be assigned to any permitted use on the street Right-of- Way.
  2. It is anticipated dumpster permits will be issued to the owner of the dumpster, not the property owner at the location where it is deployed.
  3. All waste generated in conjunction with permitted use shall be cleared from sidewalks and street in vicinity of the use and placed in proper disposal container.
  4. Permittee shall abide by all traffic regulations relating to the permitted use (enforced by the City Police Department).
  5. Permittee shall not locate a permitted use in a no parking zone, loading zone nor beside a
    fire hydrant.
  6. No items shall be placed in the Right-of-Way or on the street other than specified on
    the permit.
  7. All items placed on a public sidewalk shall be located in such a manner as to leave at least four feet of clear walkway between the item(s) and the edge of the curb or edge of walk. Items that are displayed cannot be of such a size or construction that they could fall and intrude into the four feet of clearance.
  8. No items shall be placed within three feet of any public area that is improved with flowers, shrubs, trees or other landscaping.
  9. A permit allowing temporary use of the public Right-of-Way may be revoked for the failure to comply with any of these conditions. Upon termination, the owner of the items shall promptly remove the use from the public Right-of-Way at the owner’s cost and expense. If the owner fails to remove the use from the public Right-of-Way the City shall have the right to do so and charge and collect the costs thereof from the owner.
  10. All permits expiration dates shall appear on the permit. The applicant is responsible for renewal and notification to the City if there are any changes.
  11. You may not place any items in the Right-of-Way until you receive your permit. A copy of the permit must be attached to the use in the Right-of-Way.

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