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    Employee Forms

    Payroll Forms

    Federal Tax Withholding Form  - change your federal tax withholding

    IRS Withholding Calculator - tool to help you identify if you're withholding the right amount of federal tax

    State Tax Withholding Form - change your state tax withholding

    Direct Deposit Authorization/Change-log in to paychecks on-line to make a change to your direct deposit

    Benefits Forms

    2020 Benefits Enrollment Form - enroll and make changes for medical, dental, and vision for plan year 2020

    Claim Form  - file a medical claim

    Optional Life Insurance - apply for optional life insurance coverage

    Evidence of Insurability Form - enroll or increase amount of optional life coverage after initial enrollment period

    Deferred Comp Employee Enrollment Form - enroll in the deferred compensation plan for the first time

    Deferred Comp Simplified Change Form - change amount of deferred compensation deduction only

    Application for VRS Service Retirement - apply for VRS retirement benefits

    VRS Beneficiary Form - designate a beneficiary for Group Life, Optional Life, and VRS retirement benefit

    VRS Request for Refund - 

    Tuition Assistance - apply for tuition assistance (must register for class prior to submission of application)

    Grade Submission Form - submit grades once class is completed