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    Emergency Shelters

    Emergency Shelters

    Should the need arrise, the Salvation Army on Park Avenue will serve as a shelter. 

    What to Bring to a Shelter

    Can You Really Prepare for Life in a Shelter?

    You absolutely can prepare for a temporary stay in a shelter. In many ways, it’s like preparing for a camping trip. You can have a small “shelter kit” prepared in advance.
    • A cot is usually provided, but you can bring your own, which you can choose yourself.
    • You can bring bedding for your special cot as well as good pillows.
    • Pack a nice towel and small versions of favorite toiletries, brush/comb, toothbrush, etc.
    • If you have special dietary needs or follow a certain diet (gluten-free, Kosher, etc), you need to bring your own food. They may not be able to accommodate your needs.
    • Pack a small security container that has a way to attach to something solid, to keep your wallet, meds, etc. Theft is sometimes a problem in shelters.
    • Throw in a couple of paperback books, cards, puzzles, or toys for the kids to pass the time.
    • Invest in extra phone and tablet chargers, an extension cord, and a multi-plug adapter. Outlets are few!
    • Pajamas are a must, even if you don’t wear them at home. A robe might be a good idea, too.
    • Pack earplugs and an eye-shade if you have difficulty sleeping.
    • Anything else in your daily routine you or your family members would miss, such as coffee or tea.