Education Task Force


In June 2019, the Lynchburg City Council and the Lynchburg City School Board jointly established the Task Force on the Future of Education in the City of Lynchburg: PreK-12 and Beyond. City Council and the School Board intended that this task force be comprised of a diverse and representative cross section of the members of the Lynchburg community to guide the development of a vision for what the community desired its school system to be in the long term.

Focused on connecting the strategic decisions of the City, Schools, private employers, and other community members, the Task Force is charged with taking a holistic view of public education and determining how public schools can contribute to the long-term success of this community. Most importantly, the Task Force will make recommendations for changes in policy; funding, staffing, operations and planning that will allow Lynchburg City Schools to continue to evolve as the needs of our children and community change over the next several decades.