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    Off-Duty Officer Requests

    Security services by Lynchburg police officer's may be requested by any business and/or individual for both recurring and single events, so long as the employment does not conflict with LPD Off-Duty Employment Restrictions.  Please click here for the list of Employment Restrictions.

    LPD Officers are not permitted to work alcohol events unless the event is City sponsored or have a contract with the City through which off-duty officers are required to be employed. All events require at least 14 days notice prior to the event.

    Please review these Off Duty Officer Employment Restrictions.

    The current Off-Duty Officer pay structure is mandatory for all events:

    • $40.00 per hour per officer & $42.00 per hour per Supervisor (Events requiring 4 or more officers)
    • $55.00 / $57.00 per hour per officer – Less than 7 days notice
    • $70.00 / $72.00 per hour per officer – Less than 48 hours notice and holiday rate

    Please complete the form below.

    Off Duty Request Form

    Completed forms should be scanned into PDF format and emailed to michael.staley@lynchburgva.gov, or mailed to:

    Lynchburg Police Department
    Attn: Off-Duty Officer Request
    905 Court Street
    Lynchburg, VA 24505

    Anyone with questions about hiring an off-duty LPD officer to provide security for your business or event may contact Mr. Mike Staley at 434-455-6124 or email: michael.staley@lynchburgva.gov.