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    Off-Duty Officer Requests

    Security services by Lynchburg police officer's may be requested by any business and/or individual for both recurring and single events, so long as the employment does not conflict with LPD Off-Duty Employment Restrictions.  Please click here for the list of Employment Restrictions.

    LPD Officers are not permitted to work alcohol events unless the event is City sponsored or have a contract with the City through which off-duty officers are required to be employed. All events require at least 14 days notice prior to the event.

    Please review these Off Duty Officer Employment Restrictions.

    The current Off-Duty Officer pay structure is mandatory for all events:

    • $40.00 per hour per officer & $42.00 per hour per Supervisor (Events requiring 4 or more officers)
    • $55.00 / $57.00 per hour per officer – Less than 7 days notice
    • $70.00 / $72.00 per hour per officer – Less than 48 hours notice and holiday rate

    Please print and fill out the form below.

    Off Duty Request Form

    Completed forms should be scanned into PDF format and emailed to michael.staley@lynchburgva.gov, or mailed to:

    Lynchburg Police Department
    Attn: Off-Duty Officer Request
    905 Court Street
    Lynchburg, VA 24505

    Anyone with questions about hiring an off-duty LPD officer to provide security for your business or event may contact Mr. Mike Staley at 434-455-6124 or email: michael.staley@lynchburgva.gov.