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    Off-Duty Officer Employment Restrictions

    Prohibited Types of Off-Duty Employment

    Lynchburg Police Department Officer's are prohibited from accepting or engaging in any off-duty employment that constitutes a threat to the status or dignity of the police as a professional occupation, which includes:

    • Establishments which sell or rent pornographic books, magazines, sexual devices, or videos
    • Establishments which possess a Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Commission license to sell alcoholic beverages for consumption on premises, excluding:
      - Businesses having a contract with the City where off-duty officers are required to be employed.
    • Any gambling establishments not exempted by law
    • Any employment where the nature of the work, rules of the business or instructions from the employer require the employee to:
      - Compromise their position as a law enforcement officer, or
      - Do anything contrary to department policies, procedures, or ethical law enforcement practices.
    • As a bail bond agent or for a bail bond agency.
    • Involving investigative work for the following:
      - Insurance agencies
      - Private security services
      - Collection agencies
      - Attorneys
    • To act as private investigators or in any off-duty capacity in which:
      - The primary purpose of such employment is to   gather information for a civil action
      - Such employment is for the purpose of appearing as a witness in a civil action.
    • By a business intending to use the employees as temporary replacements for regular employees on strike
      - An employee may be employed if the purpose of such employment is the protection of the business property in a law enforcement capacity.
      - This is not intended to restrict those employees already employed in a business from working if that business becomes involved in a labor dispute.
    • That presents a potential conflict of interest between their duties as employees of the police department and their duties for the secondary employer.
    • Approval of any off duty request is at the department’s discretion and will be based upon but not limited to; type of event, size of event, availability of off duty resources and potential for reduction in on duty resources.

    LPD Officers are not permitted to work alcohol events unless the event is City sponsored or under City contract. All events require at least 14 days notice prior to the event.