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Water Resources

    Free dumping for your RV Waste Water (gray or brown water accepted)

    Lynchburg Regional Waste Water Treatment Plant 
    2301 Concord Turnpike, Lynchburg, VA 24504
    (434) 455-6240



    Join the Water Lillys (Lilly Meighan and Nancy Lilly)  to learn all about the wonders of water! Since we are unable to be with our friends physically, we thought we could bring some joy and education through an online video platform.

    Statement from Lynchburg Water Resources

    Safe water and sewer services are essential to protecting human health during all infectious disease outbreaks.  As Lynchburg officials respond to the COVID-19 emergency, the Department of Water Resources is taking all necessary measures to ensure delivery of safe, clean drinking water and treatment of your wastewater.  

    Your Drinking Water is Safe

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    Citizens can use the map below to see an estimation of when their homes will be updated to cellular read technology with access to EyeOnWater.  To use the map below, simply type your home or business address into the search bar.

    Our sewer system is designed to carry wastewater away from your home to the Lynchburg Wastewater Treatment Plant, where it can be safely and effectively cleaned through biological and chemical treatment processes. However, if something enters our sewer pipes that shouldn’t be there, it can clog our pipes and cause sewer overflows. Overflows are costly to fix and detrimental to our environment. You can help protect our environment and keep our water clean by making sure you are flushing only pipe-friendly items (pee, poo, and toilet paper)!

    Be Water Wise!

    Did you know that only 3% of the water on earth is fresh water? And only 0.3% of the earth's water is available for human use.  Water is a precious natural resource.  While we have two wonderful water sources in Lynchburg (The James River and the Pedlar Reservoir), our community must think about using water wisely in our homes and businesses. Here are a few tips to help you keep your home water wise!

    What is Cellular Read Technology?   

    Lynchburg Water Resources recently transitioned your water meter to new Cellular Read Technology.  Instead of our meter technicians reading your meter by radio transmission once a month, our crews now receive the data IMMEDIATELY.  We will be able to notify you of a possible leak right away.  This new technology is exciting because it improves efficiency, accuracy, and information about your water usage.